The Wonder Years

I’ve been re-watching a lot of old TV shows lately. Having breezed through every episode of That 70’s Show and Freaks and Geeks, my household’s latest obsession is The Wonder Years. It seems we have a thing for period pieces, plus the logic being that since we’ve been watching Breaking Bad, we need something wholesome to balance our mood. Unfortunately, this plan has backfired. The Wonder Years is quite possibly the most depressing show on earth.

Two episodes ago, my boyfriend declared, “I can’t watch Wonder Years anymore”, then spent the afternoon in a funk. One episode ago, I was in tears. It got me thinking, what is it about this show that gets to us so much? The tale of growing pains? Memories of lost youth? Eras that have passed us by that we never experienced and that will never be relived? Oh god, even writing that out is depressing. I need a feel-good substitute for my feel-good show STAT. I wonder if Netflix has Fraggle Rock? Where did I put my Tickle Me Elmo?


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