A New Leaf

On the cusp of new season, the leaves in Central Park are starting to turn, there is a briskness in the air, and my flip flops are soon to be retired for another 9 months. A part of me mourns the end of summer – a season of sunshine and soft green grass, birds chirping […]

Power Trip

I very nearly got into an altercation with a crossing guard today. A woman, who in different circumstances, I would view as “cute” and “gentle.” But I guess a reflective vest can mess with anyone’s head because she was the furthest thing from cute or gentle with me this afternoon. I went to cross the […]

Everyday People

I used to live in L.A. It’s a beautiful, crazy place, full of people of which 95% of whom I can’t relate to. In the years that I was in LA, I made a good circle of friends who didn’t fit the mold, and for a while, I had the best of both worlds. But […]

“I’ll be your dad.”

Against all personal comfort levels, having seen the other side (the other side being an alternative to schlepping a 20-pound laundry bag through the streets of Manhattan, with $10 of quarters in my pocket, and waiting around for 2 hours amidst unbearable heat and flying lint), I have gone back to the creepy laundry guy. […]