Two! Two!

Today is a very special day. My sweet, inquisitive, funny, strong, loving boy, you are two years old today. Happy Birthday to you!! Everybody is always telling me how fast childhood flies by and to cherish every moment. It’s true. Not long ago you were just being born, and now here you are, the goofiest, […]

Mother of Dragon

I’d heard stories about being a mother of a boy and to be prepared for a childhood filled with skinned knees and broken bones. This morning, I got initiated into the club as my sweet petite, at 19 months and 2 days old, got his first stitches. It’s hard as a parent not to beat […]

Happy Birthday

Today is your birthday, my sweet baby boy. You’re one year old today. ONE! I’m writing this for you. I’m writing this because I couldn’t let this day pass without telling you a million times how much I love you. And kissing you a million times. And hugging you a million times. (Which, between you […]