Road Rage

This may come as a shock to you, but I’ve been having some difficulty adjusting to life in LA. Namely lately, the traffic jams and long hours spent in the car. After my first day of work, I came home, sighed and said “Wow, that’s not a fun commute.” After my second day, I commented “I don’t know if I can sustain all this driving everyday.” On the third day, I declared “We need to move.” Because it’s less than 10 miles away and takes 45 to 60 minutes to get there in bumper to bumper traffic. Which is insane. At a New York pace, I can practically walk faster than that.

There are just too many damn people living here, and every man, woman, child and family pet has a car (and by car I mean obnoxious and unnecessarily huge SUV), no one wants to carpool (myself included – my friend in San Francisco told me how he rideshares and I was flabbergasted at the entire concept), and there’s no reasonable mode of public transportation (I rode a bus everyday in New York but can’t wrap my head around buses here – probably because every bus stop I’ve seen is a homeless hub/meth den).

And while it’s pretty silly to me that practically no one in LA walks, even just to go to the corner 7-11, I’ve witnesses firsthand that it’s just not that pleasant a scenario. Between the buckled sidewalks in the nature versus man battle of tree root against concrete (good job genius who planted those trees without consideration for the fact that they’d grow), dodging ditzy drivers at every block, and avoiding stepping on used condoms and chicken wing bones (granted, it’s very difficult to find trash cans on the street here), the car really is the way to go.

Since my boyfriend seems less than sympathetic to my plight and thus breaking our lease does not seem an imminent option, I figure I’m going to have to find a productive way to use my car time. Yesterday’s impromptu test involved getting into a fight with a guy who cut me off with an entirely selfish, stupid and unsafe driving maneuver, and while our horn versus middle finger fray did kill a good 15 seconds, I think I might need a plan B.



One thought on “Road Rage

  1. Don’t forget that the SF ride share program is with complete strangers and talking is prohibited unless you are spoken to; but it’s an amazing program that makes me giggle inside every morning that I step into a stranger’s car.

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