Gone to the Dogs

Overheard out my window, 3:31pm: [Dogs barking loudly] Man with fluffy black dog: “LADY, WHAT IS YOUR DOG’S PROBLEM!” Lady with white pitbull: [sighs heavily, looks extremely frazzled, is having great difficulty holding onto the leash] “Your dog started it, I was trying to go around the van!” [Man walks away, mumbling to himself] [Dog […]

Cats on a Bus

The sequel to Snakes on a Plane? Perhaps. It would have at least made some sense… Oh wait, that movie made NO sense. And neither did the bright idea to bring a terrified, shrieking cat on the bus. Here I am, minding my own business, riding the crosstown bus, when I all of a sudden, […]

The Welfare Store

Have you seen that episode of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ where Dennis and Dee go on welfare? I was reminded of that scene today when I was sitting at the free clinic. Yes, you heard right, I finally caved in and put my pride and phobia about public health centers aside and decided that […]


Have you seen the Snuggie commercials? This is a ridiculous invention. And I say this as a person who maybe more than anyone else enjoys being cocooned in a warm, fuzzy blanket. But come on, really? And theĀ animal print Snuggie? For whom, dare I ask? The stylish woman? The Snuggie falls into a very specially […]

A Fine Line

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. In fact, I believe this is the masochist’s motto. And much like a masochist, I experienced a crossing of that line today at this new yoga class I tried. Marco, you ponytailed, tattooed yoga god, I don’t know who you are (or where your cabana boy […]