Potty Training

I went in for a pre-employment drug screening. Yes, I said pre-employment (progress in 2010, baby!), and part of the deal is to pass a drug test. I’d had one once before when I started a new job many years ago, and it’s no sweat, but I just dislike peeing in a plastic cup. I don’t […]

Hair Apparent

It’s funny when you think you’re all alone going through something in the world, and then you talk to a good friend and realize that it’s not just you… and that it’s ok. I had a three-hour long catch up session with my girl friend on the west coast today. We hadn’t spoken in a […]

The Kindness of Strangers

I was waiting on the street corner to meet my boyfriend last night, and he’s running late due to a bustastrophe. It was 40 degrees outside, and I’d overestimated how balmy it would be (it was double the temperature it had been – I got excited), so I wasn’t wearing a jacket. After a few […]

Imperfectly Perfect

I’m a person who is prone to sighing. Not even out loud most times, but internally. I’m pretty high-energy and I get bored pretty easily. I thrive on changes and challenges, and I’ve been known to lose all sense of time when enamored with a project. It’s tough for me not to have something to […]

The Bachelor

I was bored or curious enough to watch the first episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ Twenty-five tipsy Misses in pageant dresses, with coifs that convinced me aerosol hairspray hasn’t gone out of style, and cleavage that left Victoria no secrets. One came tumbling into The Bachelor (literally), one held her arms out like wings and flew […]

A Time and Place

I like sayings. Words to the wise. Witty little ditties. I like universal declarations of truth. I hope to one day say something that will make it on one of those lists of famous quotes, like all those gems by Mae West. Last night around 2am, I heard a woman yelling in the street, “I […]