A Multi Dwarf Day

I’m not a morning person. When I wake up, as a general rule, I am decisively dopey. And most often still sleepy. I’ve been battling, for the fourth week now, some head cold/allergies/both/(argh!) situation that has left me feeling very sick and tired of being sick and tired. I could sure use a doc. Today, […]

Canopy Carnage

I stepped out of work today, and much like people who have witnessed the aftermath of a hurricane, I witnessed the unmistakable signs of the urban jungle after a rainstorm. In lieu of trees, umbrella parts were strewn and splattered all over the sidewalks. And of those that didn’t fly out of the hands of […]

Consensus Shmasensus

I’m not a consensus-oriented person. If anything, it disorients me. I used to work at this place that insisted on consensus to the nth degree for everything. Every damn thing. Every email I sent out, about even the most minor of topics, had to include a long list of constituents who had no business being […]

Oh The Tangled Web

I came to the realization today that the Internet is one big oxymoron. The light bulb moment came to me as I was so tangled up in the web of the Web that I found myself flipping through an online gossip site’s photo gallery called “Celebrity Cheaters (Allegedly).” (I didn’t know about Sandra Bullock’s woes […]

Wreck Center

Seeing as how I’m a working stiff again, I thought I’d treat myself to a gym membership. Now, in the past when I’d say “gym” membership, that implied a health club laden with rows upon rows of shiny equipment, specialized rooms for spinning, aerobics, and a Pilates studio with all those scary pulley machines. The […]