When I grow up

From the time I was five years old, I wanted to be a doctor. Along the way, I also wanted to be a chef, an artist, a singer, a marine biologist, and a writer. I didn’t take any of my other dreams too seriously though – they were just dreams. My goal of being a […]


There are a few scenarios in which I feel like a real New Yorker. One of them is anything having to do with Times Square, and the other is the simple (or so you’d think) act of walking on the sidewalk. I was walking over to Cental Park for my walkjog today and was stopped […]


I’m learning to speak Spanish from a man with a considerable lisp. He teaches me via a podcast, and he is so kind as to always wish me luck with each lesson. “Buena thwerte!”, he says to me, and off we go on a vocabulary adventure. In only a few brief sessions, I have already […]

Public Shower

My upcoming vacation has motivated me to get into shape. Today was day one, and there was no stopping me. Donning my new yoga shorts (plus some other clothes), I hit the streets for some power walking. *Please note that this was revised from my original plan of jogging, which was canned once I walked […]


I once drove through Amarillo. Desolate town. Depressing. Nothing for miles but tumbleweed and this restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Stopped at the restaurant, which was shaped, I kid you not, like the state of Texas. Ate some ribs. They weren’t bad. My point being, no matter where you are in Texas, at least […]


Is it true that sneakers hanging over a street wire signal a crack house? Someone once told me this, and now every time I see I them, I think “CRACK HOUSE!” …And then I run away. And then I think I could be running for nothing, cuz there might just be a Nike outlet around […]

Shoo Fly

Did I ever tell you that I have pets? They are named I Hate You #1 and I Hate You #2. I did not adopt them, but apparently, they have adopted me. I don’t know if I left the window open or if they came in through the door or what, but for the past […]