Two! Two!

Today is a very special day. My sweet, inquisitive, funny, strong, loving boy, you are two years old today. Happy Birthday to you!!

Everybody is always telling me how fast childhood flies by and to cherish every moment. It’s true. Not long ago you were just being born, and now here you are, the goofiest, smartest, most joyful little person! You make yourself and everyone lucky enough to be around you laugh and smile constantly. We are so blessed you are ours.

You’ve come a long way (since this time last year), baby!

It’s winter so we spend a lot of time indoors playing at home, at your gym, and having dates with your little buddies. One of the sweetest things to see is your affection for your best friends. You greeted each one of them with a “hi!” and a hug, a balloon, and even a kiss at the door when they came to your birthday party. And you get so excited when you know they are coming over to play that you do a happy dance! You prefer your friends over other kids and you’ve taken lately to grumpily saying “No kids” when a child you don’t know jumps on the trampoline or otherwise tries to hone in on your time with your friends. It’s hilarious and proof positive that you are our child (your dad and I are pretty picky about who we like too).

Your vocabulary has grown by leaps in the past few months. There’s hardly a word (for better or for worse) that you won’t repeat the second after you hear it. If there’s a word you really like the sound of… like when you heard someone say the F word on the street… you’ll sing it over and over again. You say so many words now that I’ve lost track of writing them down, and you string words together to form the most adorable sentences. One of my favorites is what you say to me each night when you finally give in to the prospect of sleep… “Momma, snuggle inside,” telling me let’s cuddle under the covers. You’ve also taken to climbing out of bed by yourself in the pitch black, over all the pillow barriers, opening the bedroom door, and coming to find me. With barely open eyes, you tug at my legs telling me, “Momma, walk, bed” and direct us back to snuggling in bed. You know exactly what you want and you’re very good at expressing (err, demanding) it. Further evidence… you’re definitely ours!

At night when we all eat dinner together, a true New York baby, you request that we watch “Sinfeld.” You’re also still smitten with “moosic” and on a daily basis, you peruse your dad’s record collection, asking that we “play dis one” and recalling that the Dazed & Confused album is “da cwazy one,” for playing only when daddy gets home (because it’s too crazy for mom). And we still have our daily dance parties with Happy and Uptown Funk being your favorites to “jump! jump!” on the sofa to.

You love to eat at restaurants, especially “Taco beef!,” your favorite Mexican joint in the neighborhood. We often end up eating our meals in the company of other patrons because you draw a lot a positive attention, charming everyone who notices you. You ended up on the lap of a neighboring older woman and her grown daughter eating their fries one time at a fancy French restaurant (I admire your style, kid!). When it’s time, you like to do the honors of asking for the “check!,” proudly handing it back to the server with a thank you, and you leave drawings on the back of every receipt.

It is a gift to be able to spend every day with you. You are the best thing I have ever done, and you make me so proud. I get a lot of credit for you (and I admit I deserve it), but your dad also deserves a lot of credit because he works really hard for our family that allows me to stay home with you, and you get most of the credit yourself because you have always been since birth, very much your own unique person.

Every night as you’re drifting to sleep, your little body pressed against mine, your soft hair tickling my face, your warm breath on my chest, I listen to you breathing as I have since the day you were born, and I say a prayer of gratitude for you. As we snuggle together in those last serene moments of our day, my heart bursts with love for you… you amazing, wonderful, incredible TWO.

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