Gotta Have Soul?

On the heels of my one day cleanse (and quite possibly on the cusp of a health epiphany), I find myself asking myself, “Should I try Soul Cycle?”

I used to walk by one everyday when I lived in New York. I’d walk by it to get to the hot dog place and the frozen yogurt place, the movie theater place, and occasionally the yoga place. I’d peek in and think “That place looks cool. I like what they’re doing with the color scheme.” I had no clue what the place was (a minimalist workout clothes gift shop? an odd art exhibition?), and I never went in.

Since moving to LA, I hear a lot of conversations I’d rather not. Calls with agents about auditions, calls with doctors about beauty treatments, calls with parents about help with the rent… And conversations about Soul Cycle. People are just wild about it. Celebrities flock to it. Friends of friends rave about it. My future sister-in-law says I’ll love it. It’s apparently the cronut of workouts – the perfect combination of one’s heart’s desires all rolled up into a perspiration-inducing pedaling class. I fear it’s the new Scientology, with Lululemon uniforms and SmartWater Kool-Aid.

I also fear:

Will my legs come flying off at the hip joint? (With my feet still clipped into the peddles?!)

Will my knees be irrevocably damaged?

Will I have any clue how to adjust the highly complex state-of-the-art bike?

Do I even remember how to ride a bike? (What if you DO forget?)

Can I think of nothing better to do with my hard-earned $30 than 45-minutes of stationary bicycling? But what if it really is life changing, I can’t conscionably deprive myself of that. And what if I like it, then what? Do I have to sell my car or my soon-to-be hot bod on the street corner to subsidize my Soul fix?


5 thoughts on “Gotta Have Soul?

  1. You would like Soul Cycle. I used to take
    the class when I was going to the gym. Its a bit expensive there. Its hard in the begining but gets easier.

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