Dark Night

What’s up with daylight savings time anyway? Who does it benefit exactly? Farmers? 

I for one am not a fan of daylight “savings.” It’s bad enough that it’s cold out (I realize that living in LA, cold isn’t what anyone else outside of the tropics would call cold, but it’s all relative), but does it have to get dark at 5pm? And what’s worse is that out of the blue, my puppy has developed a fear of darkness, and so he refuses to go for walks past sundown. I’ve tried dragging him a few feet (that sounds so awful to write) to see if it’ll get his momentum going, but it’s a lost cause. He puts on the brakes (which at 9 pounds, are not very powerful brakes) and refuses to budge. When I give him leeway to turn back he sprints home and bounds up the steps to the well-lit castle of which he is prince. The kid needs his exercise (and frankly so do I), so this is a real problem for us. 

Plus, I think I’m one of the those people that has seasonal disorder or whatever it’s called. The winter blues, if you will. I’m lately feeling bummed out and lack motivation to do anything other than daydream (or is it just dream since it’s pitch black outside?) about running away or at least vacationing somewhere where I can peel off my sweater and feel the sunshine on my skin. Winter is not a sexy season, that’s for sure. Does anyone get seduced in the wintertime in those mommy porn novels? 

I saw a commercial recently for something where the gimmick was that they set up one of those giant spin wheels and asked random strangers (not actors, never actors) to spin it and if they did, they’d have to take off at that very instant to the destination the wheel landed on. Some people got neat places like New Zealand and others got lame places like the midwest (did you know there’s a state called “the midwest”) or semi-dangerous, undesirable places like random Russia (I know it’s not called that anymore, but I still call it that). I thought it was interesting to have your plans for the day flip on a dime like that. They’d show the people on the phone telling their bosses at work that they needed a week off to go on this surprise trip (imagine the boss that didn’t allow it – what a douche they’d come off as!). Anyhow, I could use one of those wheels right about now, just to mix things up. Hopefully I wouldn’t land on Siberia. 

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