It’s been much too long since my last post. I’ve been a slacker on writing, but an area I have not been a slacker on is parenting. That’s right…I am… a mother!

My boy is nearly 9 whopping  pounds of pure love. Our adopted pound puppy has basically taken over every aspect of my life (and I’m ok with that). Between you and me, I’ve had a maternal urge for a while now, but unsure that I was ready to be a (human) parent quite yet, this has been just perfect. And he has truly turned us into parents. Bone-ified parents. We have that kid that we can’t take to restaurants, nearly every photo I take is of him (I’ll unabashedly show pictures of him to anyone who will entertain me doing so), and lord help me next week when wee-man and I attempt a 6-hour flight back east (please don’t let my kid be the one that cries the whole flight!).

For all the toilet paper shredding, barking, not-sure-he-even-knows-his-name pains that come with parenting, it is 100% totally worth it. The unconditional love and the nearly uncontainable joy he exhibits every time we come home makes my heart grow three sizes (like the Grinch I am) and reminds me to love unconditionally too.

And I find that I’m becoming somewhat of an advocate for adoption. After knowing my pup’s story (he was on the list to be euthanized the very day he was rescued, at only 4 months old), I can no longer understand why anyone would choose to buy a dog. Now every time I see a designer breed that I know people got from a breeder, I can’t help but think a little less of those people. I know it’s preachy, but I think anyone who’s rescued a pet (err, child) can relate. I swear that when he looks at me with his big, brown eyes, he knows. He’s extra special if I do say so myself.

P.S. If you’re thinking you have some extra love to give and a lot of love to receive, I highly recommend you try parenthood too. And if you’d like to see a photo of my scrappy little guy, check out A’musings on Pintrest ( 


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