No joke, we are being terrorized by a giant squirrel. A squirrel the size of a cat. (Why is he so BIG??). A squirrel with no fear.

I was awoken this morning to the sounds of my boyfriend trying to verbally scare it away. When that didn’t work, ignoring his pleas of mercy to not hurt the poor animal, through a crack in the sliding glass door, I threw an empty shampoo bottle at it. Grazing its tail, the squirrel jolted about a foot, clung fiercely to the adjoining wall, and stared at us – unblinkingly and with pure evil in its eyes. It then proceeded to skitter back onto our balcony and stare us down some more. We tried to stare back, stare it down, but he’s a stubborn beast.  He stood his ground (our ground, technically).

He’s scary. And did I mention, he digs up my cacti and BITES into them? He is no ordinary squirrel. El Diablo, he is.

PS. How ever am I going water my plants?

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