Unnatural Gas

I filled my gas tank last week and guess how much it cost? $90. $90!

I drive a sedan for god’s sake. That just aint right.

On the topic of gas, on the radio the other morning, they were poking fun at people who have number hangups. For example, rounding up at the gas pump if the dollar amount comes out to an uneven number. I totally do that. (Who doesn’t do that?)

If the total is $79.42, there’s no way I’m not pumping 8-cents more to get it to a nice, round $79.50. And if I go over the 50-cent mark, then I’ll try to make it to $80 (which, between you and me, is even better). That said, I always cringe a little at the sign that says, “Do not top off.” I think my mom’s sent me too many of those email horror stories about how any slight misstep at the gas station can blow you up.

Call me a reckless, but the way I see it, a few cents’ topping off is an entirely reasonable thing to do.

What’s unreasonable is the lady who called in saying that she pre-pays for gas in cash in order to avoid any number risks. Or the numerous other callers who reported that they won’t get out of bed unless the time ends in :00 or :25. I mean, those are just crazy people things.


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