West Meets East, Part 2: Showing Some Skin

While in China, I spotted some curious fashion trends, most notably amongst men and babies.

The first time I saw it, I thought a baby’s pants had split down the seam. The second time I saw it, I started to suspect it was not an accident. The eighteenth time I saw it, I knew for sure it was on purpose. What was it? Well, The Poop Slit, of course!

Yes, we coined the term Poop Slit ourselves (what on earth is it called natively?), and yes, we pointed it out to eachother every time we saw it. And we also pointed out the one time we saw it in action, when we spotted a toddler boy squatting in an alleyway just off a busy street.

One can’t deny that it’s a convenient alternative to pricey or messy diapers, children having to “hold it,” or parents needing to search out public restrooms when nature calls. But the question is, are the pants sold that way in stores?

Definitely much less adorable than baby butt cheeks, the men’s fashion trend involves, you guessed it – man nipples.

Men in China, perhaps overwhelmed by the heat and humidity of late spring days, had an interesting style they liked to show off. Possibly influenced by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders or Daisy Duke, the guys had a penchant for hiking their shirts up to their nipples. And I wish that was all there was to the story, but I guess once one crosses a public nudity/shame barrier, then there are no holds barred, because then they were free to strut their style in crowded streets, mingle and stand dangerously close to others – often in the vicinity of food preparation and consumption (I was this close to being touched by a bare belly while noshing on a dumpling), and the cherry on top – to proudly rub their ballooned out bellies all the while.

I hope these trends don’t make their way to America. (I think we have enough problems with mullets and hipsters.)


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