LA Problems

There was an earthquake in Virginia today that was felt in New York. I learned about all this through FNN (Facebook News Network). I’m thankful that no one I know was hurt, and find it ironic that I just moved to LA and the east coast is having LA problems.

Since moving to here, I’ve been kind of paranoid about earthquakes, and have been researching what to do in the event of. The advice to lay low under a sturdy piece of furniture is fine and dandy, but not so helpful when you have cheap Ikea furniture that can barely withstand being moved across the room, muchless the earth shaking. And in a home where now a second hinge has suddenly and without provocation come undone, I have my doubts about the safety of the door frames. I feel the need to bolt everything to the walls, and refuse to hang anything over the bed. The fact that my apartment is carpeted, which I hate otherwise, is a good thing, because I’m thinking it will cushion any falls. And I have no faith in my cell phone provider (I’m talking to you, Sprint), as I wasn’t able to get a hold of my mom for hours today due to the babyquake.

I’m going to need some cans, a massive length of string, and at least two monkeys. And instructions for how to build a home bomb shelter.





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