Bad Habits

I live in a big city and so I’m constantly engulfed by other people’s lives. I’m keenly aware of my surroundings, and lately I tell ya, certain types of people are utterly irritating me. The list includes but may not be limited to: smokers, spitters, and unrelated to this blog post but on my mind, people obsessed with Charlie Sheen.

Just the other day I was walking down the sidewalk and a woman tossed her cigarette in my path. Like, all the way across the sidewalk and right across me. Had I not dodged it, I’d have been scorched to death by the still-burning nub. That  isn’t ok with me. I probably should have said something (I muttered a lot of things under my breath) to her in that moment, but I generally don’t like to get pissed off at older people. It’s this pesky little thing called respect (deserved or not), but it added a new element to my lack of respect for the habit of smoking – immediate and physical endangerment to others. Not to mention the littering. Which brings me to my next point.

Spitters. My boyfriend says it is commonplace for people to “spit all over the place” in China. I haven’t traveled to China, but I can tell you it’s not too far from the truth here in the good ol’ USA. Much like my incident with the smoker, catching the train one morning, a guy and I intersect. In that moment, he projectile spits, and I barely just dodge it. Seriously, I’m talking mere millimeters. That is so gnarly. Not to mention, unnecessary. What’s wrong with swallowing?

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