“Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

My mom, long ago, taught me this saying that goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

And I tell you, truer words have never been spoken. (And for the record, this adage applies to girlfriends too.)

Beyond that, I think the theory that if one strives to make their partner happy, that they too in turn will be happy, holds true for everyone and anyone (husbands and boyfriends too).

Looking back to the beginning of the end of past relationships, it’s usually not hard to pinpoint the first incident that set in motion the final collision course. Little hurts add up, small disappointments compound, and hope is a fragile thing. I don’t think most people enter into relationships with ill-intentions to hurt the one they love, but all too often, relationships do go that route. It’s just too easy to mess things up. It takes mindfulness to be sensitive and considerate, and it’s a slippery slope when people are taken for granted. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to feel loved? It doesn’t take a lot of money or a lot of resources to give love – it just takes a lot of heart.

I started with my mom’s saying and I’ll end with my favorite saying, Live, Love, Laugh! Life’s too short not to.


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