I’ve been having some problems with my cell phone lately.

So I took it in to the repair center and the technician wasn’t able to fix it without charging $150, but suggested I call customer service to send me a replacement phone. And they did. So then I went back to the repair center to get the new phone activated. I spent about 15 minutes there, hanging out while he did his thing, then thanked him for his help and left. That was late last week. Today, I get 5 texts from a number I don’t recognize. It’s the technician guy. His first text said thank you for being a customer, hope all is well with your device. Ok, kind of annoying he’s texting me, but it’s professional enough. The second through fourth texts were telling me that I’d be receiving a phone survey and to give him high marks. Really annoying now. Were four texts needed to make this point? He can see my account, so he knows I don’t have unlimited texts and am over my text limit (a sore subject for me)! The fifth text was to tell me this is his personal number and if I have any questions or concerns to not hesitate to give him a call. Now, is it just me or does this seem excessive and inappropriate? Great, if I ever need help again, I’ll have to go to another repair center, less conveniently located, to avoid this dude. And what other information can he see on my account? Should I be worried?!

On top of that, someone has been giving out my phone number fraudulently. I’ve gotten no less than a dozen texts and calls from companies who are ruthlessly trying to track down a man who skipped out on his bills (and apparently stole a U-Haul). It’s been a huge pain in the ass to deal with, and U-Haul is now on my hate list. They refused to let up on me, because I guess I sound like a Russian male, and because it’s impossible that someone could make up 10 digits that would be someone else’s phone number. U-Haul reduced me to being that crazy person on the street yelling into their phone. Thanks a lot, Russian thief, hope you’re enjoying your new ride!

And the icing on top, spammers now have my phone number too. Companies desperately want to help me reduce my credit card bill by 55%, and eliminate my over $10,000 of IRS debt. How kind. I didn’t know my finances were in such shambles.

I have a stupid phone. No, really, it’s not a “smart phone.” It doesn’t look up things on the internet, nor satellite guide me to any locations of interest, it doesn’t even let me open picture mail. I make calls and texts. And those things have now lost their appeal due to this nonsense.

I dread it, but it may be time to make a change. This could start a snowball effect, which I fear. Next thing you know, I’ll own a TV.


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