A Polyphonic Life

“In music, polyphony is a texture consisting of two or more independent melodic voices.” I read that recently and thought, that’s my kind of life.

Not to quote a Hallmark card (but I will), I can totally relate to the “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” sentiment. I guess I could say I’m at a turning point. I finally have a job that’s not just a job, but a career – work that I feel rewarded in doing, and lucky I get paid to do. And simultaneously, I have a relationship that I am utterly happy with – I’m dating the love of my life, and I feel lucky I get paid to… haha, just kidding! Seriously though, let’s just say I’m really happy, and I feel something I haven’t felt in a long time with any relationship muchless a romantic one – I feel secure and I feel confident. And trusting (which is not an easy thing for me).

Stability is something I haven’t had a lot of in my life. Growing up, there was a lot of love but also a lot of struggles, and tomorrow was always uncertain. I spent my 20’s drifting from home to home, from job to job, from relationships to loneliness; and the upside is that from those experiences came life lessons (and hopefully some wisdom), but the downside is that I kind of don’t know what to do with stability. I saw Sex and the City 2 recently, and Carrie and Big struggling with some of the pitfalls of stability, and I thought to myself that I could see me being neurotic like that. And that I very consciously don’t want to be neurotic like that. As my boyfriend and I are embarking on a new chapter and talking cohabitation, I’m trying to keep the idea of polyphony in my head. To remind myself that although we share many facets of our lives together, and may soon be sharing a home, we are still individuals too – each with a voice and personality that needs to be heard and seen. And it’s not easy with us both being leaders and not followers, but that’s where compromise and faith step in, and at the end of the day, the melody comes to play.


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