Family Planning

While all around me friends are dropping babies like they’re hot, my version of family planning has been a bit different. This week has been a logistical nightmare with coordinating a trip for my family of five to drive four hours to come celebrate my mom’s birthday in the city. I don’t know what ever made me think that moving 3000 miles closer to them would make it easier to visit. My family is incredibly loving and supportive when it really counts, but in non-emergency matters, they (err, we) tend to get a little self-centered. In the end, after too many emails to count, texts, phone calls, and some tears shed, I waved my white flag and gave in to traveling to them instead. It will be fun, and my mom will be happy, and that’s what matters most. But man, was it an ordeal. But without the mayhem, I guess it wouldn’t be family!

In addition to that, my week’s been melancholy due to the possibility arising that my boyfriend may be moving away. It’s put me in a funk beyond funks, and I’m trying to get back on track with my ‘good thoughts bring good things’ positive thinking, but it’s been tough. I don’t want to spend even a day apart, muchless god knows how long. And if you know me, you’d think I’ve been abducted by aliens and replaced with a doppelganger to say that, because normally: I like my space; I like my time alone; I don’t like answering to anyone; I like my stuff the way I like it. But not anymore. It’s gotten to the point where it feels unnatural that he’s a visitor in my home, and between you and me, I don’t even care if he leaves puddles after a shower (but I still give him a hard time about it – the bath mat is right there!). And how much would I love to be sitting here writing this at my desk right now, while he plays guitar or reads a book across the room. The reality is, I’m sitting here with a laptop literally in my lap, sitting cross-legged in a chair that’s digging into my legs, and full-bladdered but not getting up because this setup is too much effort to dismantle. Which leads me to the next development of the week, which is that it’s time to bid adieu to the ol’ bento box.

I started browsing apartments today, and am getting excited for the possibility of having an actual bedroom again. And a couch. And a TV. (But don’t worry, I still don’t plan to pay for internet if I can mooch off of neighbors). It’s a good sign, I think, that I am looking at apartments for two people, so I there is hope yet for my positive spirit. It’s time to turn my frown upside down and not cry tonight when my-boyfriend-who-is-staying-in-New York (that’s his new name) comes over; and not to be a pooper when my family wants to go eat at CPK; and remember that my life is filled with people who annoy me and frustrate me and make me a wreck at times, and that it means that I have love in my life. Lucky me!

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