Being mean means I love you the most.

There’s that saying, “You always hurt the ones you love.” That’s kind of backwards though, huh? It seems that if you have to hurt anyone at all, it should probably (logically) be the ones you don’t love. But alas, everyone does it – it’s a universal truth – and I’d just like to state (for the record, ma) that it’s totally unfair and not right (even though everyone does it, which somehow justifies it not being so cruel).

My mom is my case in point. Have I known anyone longer than her? No. Has anyone stuck by me like she has? No. Did she (for goodness sake) give me life? You guessed it. Am I meaner to anyone in this world? Nope. It’s shameful.

Am I disappointed in myself every time I act like a 12-year-old around my mom? Yes. Do I kick myself almost instantaneously every time I stifle my mom from being her own special (wonderful) self? Yes. Does she always know how much I love and admire her? I doubt it. Do I try (try being the operative word) to not let all that stuff happen? Absolutely. Do I fail sometimes? Definitely. Does she forgive me? Every time. Is this my ode to my mommy for Mother’s Day? Yup.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom (and dad) a girl could ever ask for! I love you, momma, even when I’m not acting like I do. I promise.

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