“That horrible piece of shit Facebook…”

That’s a quote from an article I read earlier this week, which was encouraging people to leave Facebook. Delete their accounts. Never look back. Cold turkey. And it got me thinking, “Could I do that? I mean, why am I still on Facebook? I really kind of hate Facebook.”

But it’s a moot question; I already know the answer. Because as much as I loathe/love it, leaving it would be the equivalent of hopping into a Delorean and going back in time to an era where “technology” wasn’t even a word; a world where cell phones ceased to exist. Where leaving a message involved paper and pencil, or at best, waiting for the tone and hoping the tape wasn’t full. Or even further back to a time before answering machines or call-waiting, where hours could go by and the only sound at the end of the line was a busy signal, “beep…beep…beep.” A time where phones had cords and thank god they did because the only relief to that beep… beep…beep was the release of slamming down the receiver.

So, I can’t leave Facebook even though a part of me wants to. I know that if I did leave, I’d be leaving alone; and since we’ve all become mercilessly dependent on Facebook as a means of communication, I’d be out of the loop – friends would get into relationships and out of relationships, they would get engaged and married, they would post photos of their newborn kids and pets, their birthdays would come and go – and I would be clueless any of it is happening. How could I do that? I mean, just because I don’t like how high my electricity bill is, you don’t see me going Amish, do you?

2 thoughts on ““That horrible piece of shit Facebook…”

  1. you say it best. it use to be so much fun. but that’s when they weren’t giving out so much of our personal info. now people are afraid to post of say anything that will come back to haunt them. it sucks.

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