Inordinate Amounts of Exercise

I started the 100 Push Ups Challenge last week. The idea behind it is that you train for several weeks in order to reach the goal of doing 100 continuous push ups. Now, going into it, I was skeptical, thinking such thoughts as, “Is everyone really capable of doing 100 push ups? That can’t be possible. Not for a woman. Not for a woman not on steroids.” But did that stop me?

So the first thing I did was assess my level, which dictates if I would be taking the fast track or the slow track to 100. I fell into tier 2 because I was able to do ten push ups with good form (form is key – you can’t be a butt sticker-upper or an ab drooper and get away with calling it a push up). Then, for three days a week, you start doing reps and sets. As time goes by, the reps get lengthier and the sets get longer, all the way to the big 1-0-0. So far, so good. I admit I was sore after the three days last week, but it wasn’t too bad, and this week with one day behind me, I’m not sore at all. I am hopeful that I can make it to 100, but I still question if it’s even possible. But not to worry, I will not succumb to the allure of steroids. I’m middle eastern, I can’t risk any excess hair.


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