Diary of a Working Girl

Friday at 7:30pm – Exhausted. Struggling to keep eyes open. Decide to lay down for a minute. Set alarm for 9:00pm “just in case.”

Friday at 9:00pm – Groggy. Struggling to get out of bed. Thinking changing into pajamas for “laying down for a minute” may have unfairly tricked body into deeper sleep than intended. Feel like a pathetic loser to spend Friday night (first Friday night that counts as a Friday night since all days and nights for months had been indistinguishable/insignificant) doing nothing but basically breathing.

Friday at 9:05pm – Hungry. Reheat last night’s dinner/this afternoon’s lunch.

Friday at 9:20pm – Done eating. Reignite feelings of being a pathetic loser to spend Friday night basically breathing and chewing.

Friday at 9:25pm – Wave of genius. Will feel less pathetic to write about this experience as will transform pathetic loser Friday night into artistic expression.

Friday at 9:32pm – Done writing. Struggling to mentally prepare to leave home to go see boyfriend. Must overcome the urge to crawl back into bed. Motivated by the fact that can’t feel like a pathetic Friday night loser if I’m with someone else.

Prediction for 10:30pm – Fall asleep in boyfriend’s lap. Not such a pathetic Friday night after all.

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