Hair Apparent

It’s funny when you think you’re all alone going through something in the world, and then you talk to a good friend and realize that it’s not just you… and that it’s ok. I had a three-hour long catch up session with my girl friend on the west coast today. We hadn’t spoken in a while, at least not at length, so there was a lot to get caught up on. It turns out we’d both been going through a year of cleansing, and we didn’t know we were doing so in parallel.

Some say that the universe’s purpose is to maintain equilibrium. I’ll leave it to ‘The Secret’ to hypothesize about such large matters, but I do believe that balance in life is important, and I can see that there is a flip side (a yin to the yang, if you will) of most everything. For example, loss and gain.

Last year, I let go of the person I regarded as my best friend. Long story short, a series of events lead me to open my eyes to the true nature of whom I held dearest to me, and concluded with the end of a decade-long sisterhood. I walked away from it feeling saddened, but also lighter, like a dark cloud that I didn’t know was there for so long had been lifted. I also walked away with memories of happier times, and the wisdom to never again let someone who would lie to me about the most insignificant things gain my trust. As my friend said today, “Never trust someone who has a weave and says it’s their own hair. They’ll lie to you about anything!”

She too had gone though a cathartic year of letting go of negative friendships, so she could totally relate. It was really nice to talk to someone who understood. And in the balance of the world, letting go of a so-called friend cleared the water for me to see the depth of what I want and deserve from a relationship. It solidified my concept of what love and support are all about, and it restored some of my self-esteem that had been lost in allowing someone who did not have my best at heart to be so close to my heart. The lesson was gained.

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