Imperfectly Perfect

I’m a person who is prone to sighing. Not even out loud most times, but internally. I’m pretty high-energy and I get bored pretty easily. I thrive on changes and challenges, and I’ve been known to lose all sense of time when enamored with a project. It’s tough for me not to have something to do. If I had the means to do so, I’d be relishing my free time with travel and adventures, and that would give me loads to write about too, like the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. But alas, as is so often the case, financial freedom and time freedom are not simultaneous conditions in life. And given that I spend a lot of time at home these days (it’s really cold outside), I am finding it tough to have interesting stories to share. I mean, I guess it’s mildly amusing that I’m eating beer before noon on a Wednesday…

Yup, you heard right – eating beer. With a spoon. In the form of a beer milkshake (a beershake!) leftover from last night. I went to a beer tasting in Brooklyn where I sampled six “strange” beers, which truly lived up to their classification. A couple I could barely swallow, but the rest were quite interesting and tasty. We departed with a few of our favorite bottles to commemorate the event, and concluded the interborough evening with a delicious burger and that beershake, which I legitimately risked frostbite to bring the leftovers home. I’m happy to report that I am typing this will all ten fingers, and the beershake is not any worse for being frozen overnight.

And just as I start to sigh that great big sign of feeling like life is stagnant and adventures are far away, I am reminded that even when the clouds are thick, the sunshine is still right behind them. Life aint so bad, even when it aint perfect.

One thought on “Imperfectly Perfect

  1. Did you know Jeffus opened a burger spot in the city now. Black Shack Burger. On Lexington I think in the 20’s, Look it up, supposed to be really good. LONG LIVE THE BEER SHAKE!!!

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