A Time and Place

I like sayings. Words to the wise. Witty little ditties. I like universal declarations of truth. I hope to one day say something that will make it on one of those lists of famous quotes, like all those gems by Mae West.

Last night around 2am, I heard a woman yelling in the street, “I WILL NOT DO THIS RIGHT HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF NEW YORK CITY! …LLOYD!! …GROW UP!!!”

Oh the rageful ramblings of the drunken – they entertain me so!

I wondered, what did this schmuck, Lloyd, do? And are people named Lloyd capable of bad deeds? I think of “Lloyd” and I envision only Lloyd Dobler holding up that stereo in Say Anything and Christopher Lloyd, AKA: Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Quite the lovable characters (albeit… not the most mature).

This little altercation reminded me of one of my most often referred to quotes, and that is, “There is a time and place for everything.” I think it came from the Bible or a folk song. Something about seasons turning. In any case, I was reminded of how much I subscribe to this saying, and how unamused I am when people violate this truth. I recall sitting in TGI Friday’s in my hometown years ago, and my friend having invited her friends to hang out with us. And as I’m sitting there enjoying my Mudslide, I look over at the friend’s friend and her friend deeply entrenched in a discussion about life and men and astrology. Astrology! In TGI Friday’s?! That blew my mind. I mean, didn’t they see the suspenders, the flair? What about the TGIF environment inclined them towards such a serious tête-à-tête?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a lover of intelligent conversation as well as witty banter. And I believe that both rightfully have a place in a bar. But anything that’s a downer, like moping about one’s life, griping about one’s boyfriend, writing a suicide note – these are what I consider inappropriate choices for a bar. Better kept within the confines of home or a cafe in Paris on a gray day, I say. If I open a bar one day, I will require not only an age minimum, but a personality minimum as well. I will call it Bar Happy. No downers allowed.


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