Thanksgiving in January

Today begins the first day of the rest of this decade. A lot of people are looking to this year as a fresh start, a good riddance to a 2009 plagued by sky high unemployment and a piss poor economy. Personally, I’m expecting not to get too far into 2010 without a career and economic resurrection of my own. And since I’m not the type to make new year’s resolutions, I’m instead devoting some time to looking back at the things I am grateful for in 2009 (and beyond):

My family. In 2009 and forever, they are my foundation. Their love is unconditional and they are on my side for always, through thick and thin. I am so blessed to have them.

My boyfriend. When I thought I’d forgotten, he came along and reminded me how it feels to be wanted and respected and accepted for being me. He restored my faith in the sweetness of love.

My friends. We’re like night and day in some ways, but at the end of the day, they’re an enduring voice of encouragement, and get that being a friend is as simple as buying me a peanut butter sandwich.

A home. Figuratively in that I found my city in New York, and literally, in having a roof over my head. A place where I am warm when it’s cold out and a place that I feel safe and secure. I walk past people everyday who don’t have a home, and it reminds me of how lucky I am.

Clean water. The statistics are staggering as to what a large percentage of the world does not have access to a clean water supply. Water is such as easy thing to take for granted – it comes right out of the faucet for fortunate people like me, and it’s easy to imagine that’s how it is for everyone.

Freedom. With my countrymen and women bravely facing a corrupt and oppressive government, simply for their vote to count, I am utterly thankful for my existence as I know it. I hope that when I next visit my beautiful homeland, they too will be free.

Good health.

For all of the hardships, struggles, and losses that come in life, may we all find gratitude in their reinforcement of our strength, their building of our character, their teachings, and our memories to be cherished.

Welcome 2010, with all of your challenges and rewards yet to be seen!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in January

  1. NICE! I have to admit that of all the friendships that has come out of my experimental leap into social media and facebook, ours is the best and most fun. Looking forward to seeing great things from you in 2010 luv.

  2. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful Shima. I’ve been having a similar internal dialogue the past few days!

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