My friend posed the question today, “What is the female equivalent of bromance?” and some clever soul replied, “homance.” I thought that was funny!

Seriously though, it got me thinking, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no equivalent. Women generally don’t get swept away by eachother like that, at least not in a genuine and enduring way. My boyfriend would say it’s because women hate eachother, and I hate that he thinks that, but also a part of me can see how there’s some truth to it. Women, together in large doses, can be competitive and insecure around one other. I think there surely must be an evolutionary reason behind this – something like females being monogamous and nesting and males spreading their seed (I am convinced this behavior can’t be a modern day invention, as it clearly sets us back as a gender). Pack animals fare better in the wild than lone hunters, and people who support eachother are more successful both as a group and as individuals.  But alas, as any woman can probably attest to, we’ve all been hunted by our own kind. I have yet to know the saintly woman who hasn’t talked behind a best friend’s back when given the chance, and I would bet money that the derogatory term “bitch” was started by a gal towards another gal. I’ve even had a friend talk behind her friend’s baby’s back (the baby was apparently freakishly long-limbed) – the baby was a girl.

Ok, so that was a bit of a stretch (although the baby story is completely true), but you can see the point. We women ought to stick together and not be so quick to push eachother’s buttons or hate on eachother for trivial reasons. Maybe if we can learn to evolve past our instincts to view eachother as competition, we can have those simple, fun, carefree relationships that men enjoy and that last forever and ever, through all kinds of ridiculous scenarios (I once witnessed a guy choke another guy, then the first guy pulled the second out of the car and punched him in the face, then the first guy made me give the second guy a ride home because “We can’t just let him walk home – it’s really far! *insert perplexed look here*).

And if it all works out, there is no stopping the next President from being a woman. I have no doubt about this (and I think the world can be a better place because of it). GIRL POWER!


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