If I Was A Rich Girl

After my job interview this morning, I stopped in at Williams-Sonoma before plunging into the dirty, melted snowmess that is the subway today. I was feeling good before I walked in, and even better after. I’d had a wonderful interview with a company I would love to work for and a job that sounds interesting to do, and the manager was creative, smart, and great to talk to. I left feeling really enthusiatic and energized about it, and like this could be “The One.” And so I treated myself to the sights and smells (and tastes) that I love at one of my favorite stores, Williams-Sonoma. I was greeted with a warm noseful of spiced cider aroma, and handed a minted popcorn ball to sweeten my palette. The woman who treated me to the popcorn proudly boasted that her 17-year-old came up with the recipe, adding to the good cheer. I spent the next half an hour happily browsing colorful stand-up mixers, shiny copper pots, cooking utensils galore, and prepared foodstuffs that would make anyone’s mouth water. And what really put a smile on my face was that as much as I’d loved to have been able to buy anything (and everything) in the store, I was at that moment, feeling rich and grateful for what I have. It was content just to be in there, with a dixie cup of cider in my hand, and daydreaming of the beauty that 2010 holds.


2 thoughts on “If I Was A Rich Girl

  1. You paint a vivid mural. I can picture you walking around with your dixie cup lost in all the cool stuff only to find yourself. Keep up with the entertaining and creative posts. happy to see you are HAPPY!

  2. I can imagine how you feel in there. You make me run to Williams-Sonoma right now. I love that store… I also love reading your creative way of writing, please keep posting them.
    Happy Holidays and Good luck in your job search. Love you

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