Oprah sure picked a fine time to go out of business.

I was really hoping my ticket to lifelong wealth plus free time would be Oprah. She’s got this miraculous superhero power of taking seemingly ordinary people and rocketing them into stardom. I was counting on being in her book club. Or blog club, to get the ball rolling a little faster for me. But alas, she’s decided to retire. I guess being a bijillionaire many times over lost it’s luster. Or maybe she ran out of genuinely interesting and insightful show topics. I don’t know. But what I do know is that Plan B: Martha Stewart is really a very far second place. (And also, I’m actually kind of scared of Martha Stewart.)

I didn’t get that job I interviewed for three times. For six hours. With nine people. I had gotten myself all gung-ho about working for a non-profit, putting those old notions I had about them being slow and indecisive, overly consensus-driven organizations out of my mind, in lieu of the appeal of working for a do-good company for a change. But, like so many things in life (I’ve lived long enough now to know a thing or two about how the world works), they proved me right. And now I’m thinking two things: 1. Work for the highest salary out there, no matter what the idealistic sacrifice, or 2.Take matters into my own hands, and start my own business. Well, I gotta tell you that option one, while the paycheck would be nice, does not appeal to me otherwise. I partly blame this book I’m reading, ‘Shantaram’ (India stories always make me want to run away to an ashram and leave the material world behind), but mostly I blame the fact that I’ve kind of been there, done that. And while I never made that much money, I did amass a grand enough fortune to put myself through grad school and survive in New York (and now I’m broke and jobless – thanks a lot!). So that leaves me with option two. There are numerous businesses I can think of that I’d enjoy and would (probably) be good at. Like catering. Or event planning. Or running a quaint cafe. But alas, those options require money to start, and I’m not trying to go from poor to really poor by taking out a business loan. So I’m left with the one talent that I have that won’t cost me much to try to do, and that I actually have experience at (and confidence in myself about). This. Writing. I want to be a writer. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. When I was pre-med, I wanted to be a writer. When I wore business suits and negotiated deals, I wanted to be a writer. And still, now, I want to be a writer.

So, I’m doing this the only way I know how. By writing. And I started a Facebook fan page for this blog too. And I bought a domain name and am starting another blog for my autobiographical short stories. (I’m channeling David Sedaris – Could he be my Oprah?)


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