Funemployment. Have you heard this term? It’s basically a way for the overeducated-and-recently-jobless to feel better about our involuntary free time. And, I’ll admit that this summer sans job was pretty darn nice. Other than not being paid or feeling like a contributing member of greater society, I really enjoyed my time to myself, with the freedom to do what I please, when I please (so long as it was free or super cheap). After a two-year hiatus, I got back into my beloved yoga, I was cooking a lot more, and I lazed at my favorite place in the city, Central Park. I also started this blog, regularly attended happy hours, single-handedly started a Facebook social group, organized monthly events for the group, and generally provided a source of stuff to do for me and my friends. It wasn’t half bad!

What legitimized Funemployment was that it was a temporary opportunity to enjoy life free of waking up by an alarm clock and free of having to be anyplace I didn’t want to be. And it stretched my creativity, because New York City is not inherently a cheap town, so it took some wiles to make it so I wasn’t a hermit. But that was then and this is now. Halfway into autumn, with the sun setting at 4:30pm, and I feel downright loserish to not have a career. I didn’t imagine that when my last job ended in May, I wouldn’t have another by December. I mean, if someone had told me this would happen, I would have bet them not. But, here I am, and I am hoping for a job offer tomorrow, but as more time passes from my last round of interviews, I’m having some difficulty convincing myself that no news is good news. And frankly, if I don’t get a job soon – I mean very soon, like tomorrow soon – I am up a creek and down a waterfall that merges into the ocean, with blood gushing from me and the entire Jaws family encircling me.

I’m having visions of Joey on ‘Friends’ when he was the Bijan for Men perfume guy, and I know that department stores are seeking seasonal help this time of year. I wonder if Bijan for Women hiring?


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