Feeling blue (and yellow).

I just got back from Thanksgiving weekend with my family. I was a little reluctant to travel there this year: I was scarred from a nine hour bus ride last year, I wanted to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (as much as that touristy stuff deters me, I gotta do it once), my family didn’t seem that into it anyway, and as sappy as it sounds, I wanted to share the holiday with my boyfriend and his family, whom I have come to immensely enjoy my time with, and who were having a huge gathering. Mind you, I still wanted to spend it with my family – I just wanted them all to come here and everybody be together. I know, have my cake and eat it too… But hey, I’m allowed, it’s my birthday!

So I went to see my family, and it was a smooth ride back and forth (I really lucked out on missing holiday traffic), and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving (as non-traditional as it was) and birthday. The whole family showed up for Thanksgiving, I had a fun night out with old friends, mom and I had the most lovely day together just the two of us, and the cherry on top was getting to babysit my sweet and boisterous three-year-old cousin. We has the best time! Which, of course, made leaving really hard to do. When the wee one cried and wanted to board the bus to “Neh Yoke” with me, a part of me hoped they would let her. Kids really have a way of sticking it your heart, I tell ya.

On the bus ride home, to think positively and distract myself from the separation from my family, I got to thinking all kinds of crazy things, like about getting married (blame the family friend’s wedding on the 27th) and having kids (blame the munchkin I adore), hosting my own Thanksgiving and the menu I would cook (blame me for being a happy hostess foodie), and I actually started doing the math and thinking of how it could work out. Four days in the suburbs apparently turned me into a 1950’s housewife wannabe? Did the multiple trips to the mall and Target brainwash me?! As my boyfriend would say, “SLOW DOWN, KID!”

So I’m back and feeling a bit blue because I do miss my family. But also, I’m still me, and on the two bus rides today in the pouring rain, my standard MTA bus gripes took over. One: Why do the drivers not enforce people exiting through the back door? It’s such a huge waste of time to have the entering people wait for the exiting masses to go out the front door. The buses might actually run on-schedule if people would simply go out the back door. So SIMPLE! Yet, somehow, impossible. ARGH! And two: The people who are aware enough to exit via the back door irritate me too. There’s always some dumbass (or maybe more people are illiterate than I am aware of?) who doesn’t comply with the instructions written all over the doors, at eye-level, in multiple spots on the door, to wait for the green light, then push the yellow tape. That’s all it takes, it’s so EASY! But every bus ride, without fail, either someone tries to push on the doors before the green light is on, or fails to use the air-assist yellow tape – which results in the doors gracefully popping open and staying open for us all to exit – instead, opting to ignore the technologically-advanced yellow tape mechanics in favor of using inferior muscle-power to pry the doors open, which then immediately push back closed on the next person. The inefficient and annoying result: each person has to hold and/or push the doors open, one by one by one. ARGH again!

Sometimes, I think it would be easier to be the dumb fish in the smart pond than the smart fish in the dumb pond.

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