Cats on a Bus

The sequel to Snakes on a Plane? Perhaps. It would have at least made some sense… Oh wait, that movie made NO sense. And neither did the bright idea to bring a terrified, shrieking cat on the bus.

Here I am, minding my own business, riding the crosstown bus, when I all of a sudden, I hear this godforsaken, inhuman, incessant, high-pitched moaning. I look around, wondering, “Am I the only one hearing this?” (because no one else seems to be reacting), and lo and behold, I’m not hallucinating. There it is, the source of my bleeding ears: A kitty caboodle. I couldn’t see inside it’s plastic holding cell, but I was having visions of the creature contained within strongly resembling this Tasmanian Devil I once saw on Discovery Channel. I mean, no household cat could cause this kind of raucous. And how could the humans involved in inflicting this terror upon us think it was acceptable to let the feline wail across the entire width of Manhattan?

There are just certain scenarios in which no matter how economical or environmentally conscious you are, you should take a cab. One is if you’re in labor, and another is if you’re transporting a non-human anywhere.


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