Have you seen the Snuggie commercials? This is a ridiculous invention. And I say this as a person who maybe more than anyone else enjoys being cocooned in a warm, fuzzy blanket. But come on, really? And the animal print Snuggie? For whom, dare I ask? The stylish woman?

The Snuggie falls into a very specially shameful category of comfort unabashedly triumphing over style. Crocs are the president of this club. I can’t imagine any other country in the world that would embrace such a compromise with the enthusiasm and consumer dollars that the US has. Except maybe Australia. Uggs… Uggly. Yet, I will admit that every winter I give about a day’s consideration to getting my own Uggs. I justify this by seeing them look okay (ish) on some cute girl, and the chocolate brown ones aren’t so bad, I tell myself, especially the ones with the zippers. But looks and stupidly high price tag aside (did you know they’re not nearly as expensive in Australia?), on a day when it rains or snows, I look down at the cartoonish feet of an Ugg-wearing woman, and they’re sopping wet. And all my selling myself on Uggs goes down the drain, because if they’re not water-resistant then what the hell’s the point?!

I really hope this trend of uggliness dies. And believe me, I like comfort. I like it a lot. I live in Manhattan. I retired my California heels two weeks and countless blisters into being a New Yorker. But sometimes comfort just isn’t worth the price.


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