A New Leaf

On the cusp of new season, the leaves in Central Park are starting to turn, there is a briskness in the air, and my flip flops are soon to be retired for another 9 months. A part of me mourns the end of summer – a season of sunshine and soft green grass, birds chirping and lazy lounging, and for it to somehow seem more ok to be carefree (also known as: unemployed). And so I am not only a bit melancholy about shorter days, paler skin, and the need for thicker moisturizer, but I am getting apprehensive about my career prospects. While it seems rational to blame the sunken global economy for my difficulties in the job market, I can’t help but wonder if there is more to it. I’m beginning to have doubts, like, “Am I not good enough for New York?” and “What if something doesn’t pan out in September either?,” and it’s making me angry that all the referrals and all the recruiters that have gotten my hopes up, have not only not come through, but they have apparently fallen off the face of the earth. And while I appreciate concern from my friends and family, suggestions that involve me taking a job equivalent to the first job I ever had, when I was 15 and working at ‘Knickers: Togs for Kids,’ just don’t make me feel better. Imagine that?

What I really want is to get paid simply for being me. My personality! Or my genius ideas, like the coffee bag, which I swear I invented (secretly, but so what) before that sellout Woflgang Puck’s face started showing up on Folgers insta-brew-in-a-pouch in every 2-star hotel in America. I need to put my thinking cap on… I think it’s somewhere in storage next to my thinking scarf and thinking fuzzy socks…


One thought on “A New Leaf

  1. hey hey. 1st!

    look, i think i’ve known you long enough to say that you got what it takes to make it in this city of mine. everyone is going through a rough time but i think this rough patch is an opportunity for you to go for it. what’s “it?” the big dream. the big mark. the out of the box idea that you wouldn’t have considered if you have a steady gig.

    one of the reasons i’m doing my music project now is because when the going gets tough, the tough DON’T just simply get going, they put the metal to the pedal and go for the green. you’ve got to see yourself like a porshe. when a porshe hits a icey patch and starts going out of control, unlike most cars, hitting the breaks is the absolute WRONG thing to do. instead you want to hit the gas which helps you regain control.


    so what if you can’t find a gig. maybe a gig is too small for you. maybe you need to be the gig. if you can’t find a job, make a job. i believe it’s in you and you can do it.

    so get that thinking cap, scarf and fuzzy socks out there and go for it because even if you don’t make it, at least you went down attempting greatness.

    and hey if you need help, i have a thinking plaid fedora i can lend you.

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