Half Man, Half Amazing

On the topic of love, I got some advice on the subway today, from a performance troupe who call themselves “Half Man, Half Amazing.” As I held my breath while they did backflips down a very narrow (and wet) subway aisle, one of the guys pointed out that “If a man can’t do that, ladies, […]

TV Fix

As you may or may not know, I don’t have TV. I haven’t had it for about a year, and it doesn’t seem to affect my quality of life. In fact, I like not having the excuse of television to keep me indoors and uncreative (nevermind how much time I spend on the computer). And […]

Beach Bunny

I started off today thinking it would be my first New York beach day. That didn’t happen, but I made due with my green beach, aka: the park. Having lost all fear of being in a bikini on the grass, I spent the afternoon reading a great book in the lovely sun, with the east […]

Funky Town

I had a very eclectic weekend. Some yoga, some sangria, some picknicking, and some serious funkifying. The latter being attributed to a loft art party I went to in Brooklyn. And when I say Brooklyn, I mean Brooklyn. The real deal, Bed-Stuy. It took 3 subway transfers and walking past a police street murder blockade, […]