Wet Hot New York Summer

I did it today. I finally broke down and did it. And it’s gonna cost me, but it had to be done. I turned on the air conditioner today.

It was such a hot, sticky, wet day, I had no choice. I tried to fight it as long as possible, and for the most part, my tactic of being in a nearly catatonic state while at home has succeeded in keeping my temperature temperate, and thus my electricity bill manageable. But today I reached a breaking point while cooking dinner, as my apartment turned into an unbearable sauna.

It’s been a rough summer thus far, weather-wise. It’s rained more than I ever remember it raining anyplace I have lived, ever. And the rain is fierce, bringing with it jolting thunder claps and wicked lightening, which has claimed a few urban victims already. And I was out in it full force today, totally unprepared for the torrential downpour, which I got caught in. The only barrier between me (in my white tank top and deathly slippery flip-flops) was a $4 emergency street umbrella that was generously gifted to me. Thank goodness  for that, or else I’d have been an accidental girls gone wild in the middle of SoHo!

Just one more reason I need a job: so I can be in an air-conditioned office all day.

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