Patience takes courage.

I was thumbing through a book today and came across this quote: “Learning to relax with the restlessness of my energy. Patience takes courage.” It resonated with me so much that I had to write it down and bring it home with me. Patience is a virtue that I am still learning to master.

I have always been impatient. Ever since I was a kid. I would take tests, be the first to finish, have all that time left over, and not double check my answers. I would rather lose a point or two than suffer having the test in my possession any longer than necessary. Another example is that I hate waiting in lines and avoid them if at all possible. My mom is the opposite, which blows my mind. She still goes to the bank – I mean inside the bank – on a regular basis. And the post office too. Oh the torture!

My learning curve with patience lies in my desire for instant gratification. I like to believe this is just a part of my passionate nature, but I think I need to grow out of this, if for no other reason, to save myself exasperation and disappointment when things don’t come through quickly. So, I’m going to memorize that quote and say it to myself whenever I sense impatience bubbling up. Wish me luck (I’m going to need it!).


One thought on “Patience takes courage.

  1. I keep my finger’s cross for you and I’m sure that you are a COURAGOUS person and will be able to overcome this obstacle as you have overcome many others in your life.

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