TV Fix

As you may or may not know, I don’t have TV. I haven’t had it for about a year, and it doesn’t seem to affect my quality of life. In fact, I like not having the excuse of television to keep me indoors and uncreative (nevermind how much time I spend on the computer). And also, I am over reality TV. All that said, I had TV access this weekend, and here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of what I saw:

So You Think You Can Dance РThe Good: There are some talented dancers, and interesting choreography going on. And the music can be cool. The Bad: I swear the judges are drunk (especially the high-pitched lady, and Debby Allen). Very annoying, yet mildly amusing. The Ugly: The hostess, who is actually quite pretty, but could she be any taller?!  She dwarfs everyone.

Weeds – The Good: Nancy is lookin fine for her age. Not as good as she looks on the airbrushed posters of her I see all over the subway, but definitely holding her own. The Bad: Where did Agrestic go? Why did the entire town move to San Diego/Mexico? And the “tiny boxes” theme song is gone too – boo hoo. The Ugly: Nancy makes some really bad decisions. Case in point: Mexican drug lord boyfriend. Getting pregnant by said Mexican drug lord boyfriend. Drinking, smoking, and eating sushi while pregnant with Mexican drug lord’s baby. (note: he did not take it well when she called to threaten him with this).

Better Off Ted – I didn’t know this show existed until a few days ago. The Good: I like it. Those two nerdy scientist best friends are just adorable. The Bad: The glitch in the office sensor system. But also, ha! The Ugly: My being called a racist for saying that the scientist guy looks like Dave Chappelle. Am I the only on who sees the resemblance? (and please note: I don’t think he looks like anyone ELSE but Dave Chappelle).

P.S. Dear my favorite show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Are you ever coming back?


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