Total eclipse of the heart… sun… heart

Tomorrow, there’s going to be a solar eclipse. I think that is awesome, in the true sense of the word. I wish I could see it, but a day trip to China or India aint in the cards for me right now. (some day, I do want to visit both China and India though, along with almost every other place on earth). I also have a friend who recently got married, and a lovely couple of friends who just got engaged. And not that those events have anything to do with the eclipse (other than in the song merging in my head), and not to be sappy with analogies about love and the sun and moon in alignment,  but I was touched by what my buddies so simply, yet so profoundly said, that I wanted to share with you…

“Not sure how it happened, I sorta fell into it. But she’s cool and that’s the problem, so I didn’t want her to leave.”

“I found love and I’m holding on to it tightly… I couldn’t miss out on such a great person.”

Also pretty awesome, huh?


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