Beach Bunny

I started off today thinking it would be my first New York beach day. That didn’t happen, but I made due with my green beach, aka: the park. Having lost all fear of being in a bikini on the grass, I spent the afternoon reading a great book in the lovely sun, with the east river breeze blowing, and great conversation and sushi with a great friend later on. But let me backtrack for a moment to an interesting sight at the park. There was a young man, in his early twenties I’d say, good-looking, who was carrying a pink pet carrier. I saw him walk by, and wondered “What is that, a cat?,” then I forgot about him. Then I rolled over a while later and there he was, walking with a red leash in his hand. I could not at first see his animal. Then, I did see it. It was a rabbit. It hopped around on it’s little leash, and then the guy picked his bunny up, and they walked back to his spot on the grass. My eyes followed this adorable scene, to an unexpected scene. The man had not only set up the typical blanket on the grass, and the pink pet carrier was there too, but there was also a fence he’d erected, for the bunny. Which is nice and all, I mean the bunny’s natural habitat if you will, but really? You just never know what you might see at any turn in this city.


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