Funky Town

I had a very eclectic weekend. Some yoga, some sangria, some picknicking, and some serious funkifying. The latter being attributed to a loft art party I went to in Brooklyn. And when I say Brooklyn, I mean Brooklyn. The real deal, Bed-Stuy. It took 3 subway transfers and walking past a police street murder blockade, but the end result was well worth it. The event was to showcase my friend’s latest photography exhibit, which featured two muses. One was Taylor McFerrin, human beatboxer extraordinaire (musical genius is in his genes – he’s Bobby McFerrin’s son), and the other was Raye6. Now, let me backtrack for just a moment to say that even amongst the attendees, I had way uncool hair. We’re talkin NYC funkified nubian kings and queens here (visualize Erykah Badu fitting in perfectly). And factor in Taylor (with his cactus-like coiff) and Raye (with her half blonde, half black, half shaved, half gravity-defying hairstyle), and I’m lookin downright conservative. The artist’s muses also happened to be the performers of the evening, and words don’t capture the show they put on. Taylor, with his mouth and microphone, produced impossible sounds. And Raye, well the most accurate description I can give of her performance is to imagine a cross between Lady Gaga and Lil Kim. And then add 20% more sex to that.

You don’t see this stuff in Manhattan. Or even in Brooklyn lite.


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