Feeling hot, hot, hot

They say there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. My affinity for Sriracha is proof of this. I discovered this hot chili sauce back when I lived in Los Angeles, and I recently got my hands on a big ol bottle of it in Chinatown. At first, having forgotten how a little of this stuff goes a long way, I made the rookie mistake of oozing it all over my dish. WHOA! Once I could feel my mouth again and could think straight, I vowed to only squeeze out drops at a time. A necessary regulation. But this stuff is addictive, and I am starting to not only put it all over practically everything, but day by day, I’m using more and more of it to get my “fix.” I’m gonna have to take a close look at the label for a secret ingredient, which I am certain is crack. Mere chilies can’t have this hold on me.


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