Yoga Lesson

I took my first yoga class in about 2 years today. I used to take community classes like this one when I lived in California, but it’s been a while and I guess I forgot a few things. So in addition to the stretching, sweating and detoxifying, and to the renewing, rebalancing and inner peace, I learned a valuable lesson: Be mindful of your mat placement.

I thought myself pretty lucky to walk into class a mere 10 minutes early, to find a spot 2/3 of the way back in the room, and off to the side where I had no lefthand neighbor. So, packed in like sardines, with barely 2 inches between yoga mats, we commenced class. Not 30 seconds in did I notice a foul odor, a very identifiable odor. Feet. Oh no… I hate smelly feet! But, as gross as this is to say, either the smell went away (highly unlikely, but I prefer to think this is the case), or else I just got used to it (so gross). But nonetheless, I was able to focus on my yoga practice, and I was happy about that.

But then something else unfortunate happened. The guy on the mat directly in front of me was really tall. Definitely over 6’4″, and a bit clumsy/off-kilter to boot. So every time we had to kick our legs up, I held my breath and hoped he wouldn’t kick my teeth out! But, again, in my zenlike perspective, I was grateful he was not the owner of the stinky feet. No amount of positivity would have allowed me to transcend that!


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