Personality Plus

I was riding on the subway today and there was this guy. He made a big show of sitting down – “Excuuuuse me, can I have this seat?” – where there was plenty of room to sit, and then proceeded to announce how the guy next to him was really lucky a “whole gang of black people” didn’t get on the train because “they wouldn’t ask so nicely to sit down.” I guess our dude was practicing the ‘you can talk shit about your own race’ theory.

So then, cupid must have encirled him because he took a liking to the young lady across the aisle. His opening line:  “Girl, you are so fine… You remind me of someone though… Who do you look like?… Ohhhhh I know… MARY J!…You look like Mary J. Blige!!”

Then it got better because he started into a whole out-loud thought process of how he didn’t used to like Mary J. Blige, but now he does, and to the girl, “Can you sing?”… And then to himself/us all again, the story of this woman who lives in his building whom he can’t stand, but who can sing, “Just like Mary J!”

Every ride on the New York subway is an adventure waiting to happen.

3 thoughts on “Personality Plus

  1. You reminded me of my bus ride adventures in Boston…oh…do you remember the lady in the DC Metro that she thought she is an African Queen and had a conversation with her staff in the train?

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