Is it true that sneakers hanging over a street wire signal a crack house? Someone once told me this, and now every time I see I them, I think “CRACK HOUSE!” …And then I run away. And then I think I could be running for nothing, cuz there might just be a Nike outlet around […]

Shoo Fly

Did I ever tell you that I have pets? They are named I Hate You #1 and I Hate You #2. I did not adopt them, but apparently, they have adopted me. I don’t know if I left the window open or if they came in through the door or what, but for the past […]

A Husband Around The House

I had a husband around the house yesterday. Not my husband of course, but my girl friend’s husband. She broke my bed (not really – just jolted something already loose looser), and for that her dear hubby was volunteered to fix my bed. …Plus my bathroom towel holder. …And my curtain rod. And luckily (for […]

Beer Me.

In the ongoing adventure of free stuff to do, last night, I attended a beer tasting at Bierkraft in Brooklyn. Fifteen beers were explained and sampled, courtesy of Harpoon Brewery. Cheese and chocolate pairings were also promised, but not delivered. Oh well. I liked most of the beers, and I especially got a kick out […]

A Watermelon Potholder

I’m using my newfound free time to explore free things to do about town. Tonight was free craft night at Etsy in Brooklyn. After wandering the streets looking for the building for a good thirty minutes, finally arrived and went up to the lab. The project of the night, to my chagrin, was a watermelon […]