When I grow up

From the time I was five years old, I wanted to be a doctor. Along the way, I also wanted to be a chef, an artist, a singer, a marine biologist, and a writer. I didn’t take any of my other dreams too seriously though – they were just dreams. My goal of being a doctor never waivered until I was a junior in college, and long story short, I ended up in the throws of the business world. After years in soul-sucking (but great on paper) office jobs, I am re-evaluating the ideas I had when I was a kid. If all goes well, I’ll be a singing, drawing, dolphin-rescuing, restaurant-owning  writer when I grow up!

2 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. three dimensional life is the way to go ~ and you are clearly on the right path my foodie, blogger, tanner, novel reading, business minded friend.

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