Public Shower

My upcoming vacation has motivated me to get into shape. Today was day one, and there was no stopping me. Donning my new yoga shorts (plus some other clothes), I hit the streets for some power walking. *Please note that this was revised from my original plan of jogging, which was canned once I walked a few blocks to warm up and realized I was tired already. A short while in, it started misting, and this actually was a bit refreshing. Then, it started to drizzle, which was still ok, although now I was feeling the moisture seep in. By the time I got home, having cut my jog-turned-walk short, I was pretty well soaked. I could really use some hot tea and a pumpkin scone… But I guess that’s not the point, huh?

One thought on “Public Shower

  1. That is the point. I run to eat. I run because it is the fastest way to burn calories. That’s all. I don’t love it. I hate it most of the time. But I do love the pumpkin scones and cupcakes and cookies and red velvet cakes. Oh how I love them.

    Sorry. I’m not helping.

    Go Shima! Don’t let rain or sleet or hail stop you!

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